honesty in expression
— "candor" definition, webster dictionary

“Brooke’s first EP, produced and mastered by Stew Kirkwood at Sound Extractor, has successfully become a catchy, and accessible album. Woods and her band have mixed two worlds to create pop songs sure to get stuck in your head and have you singing.”

– Haley Pukanski of Beatroute Alberta

Brooke Woods, 2017 Edmonton Music Awards “People’s Choice” Award Nominee, is quickly emerging in Western Canada’s music scene. It was while completing her Music Diploma at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, that Brooke met her bandmates, Brayden Treble, Cameron O’Neill, Kyle Hollands, Eric Doucet, and Jessie Bradner, with whom she eventually recorded her debut EP, “Heart in Many Places”. To date, Brooke has shared the stage with such talented local acts as Ella Coyes and Emily Guthrie and the Wildflowers at local venues such as the Almanac and On the Rocks. Woods has been featured on local TV through Shaw TV’s, “Edmonton Unplugged.”


It is in her introspective lyrics that you will find a true honesty and acceptance of the path it takes to create growth. This is what led Woods to create a new moniker for her musical endeavours - "Of Candor". 

"Integrity and honesty have always been the main focus of my music and my art, so I felt like coming up with a moniker would be appropriate only if it embodied this. And, as it goes, you’ll find these things in the strangest of ways. I actually came across the word, “candor” countless times in my studies while pursuing my degree, and it means honesty in expression. It really nailed down what I want to do with my music, so I spoke with a friend about it, and we came up with "Of Candor" and it’s really stuck with me."

- Woods on the change to "Of Candor"

 In writing about relatable although contrasting themes of hopeful anticipation and heartbreak, Brooke found that many of the things that we as humans feel the deepest or want the most are also the things we keep hidden deep below the surface, safely tucking away our vulnerability. On her debut EP, “Heart in Many Places,” a person will hear the unapologetic tone of Brooke’s honesty and curiosity with a full band joining her by washing over her pure vocal melodies, emboldening her sentiments. 

Be on the lookout for Of Candor's new single coming out this summer.